Track Your Shipment- Egypt Post Tracking

    Tracking your shipment through The Egyptian Post is a free service provided by The to all customers and is a very easy service through which you can follow the arrival of your shipment to the place of targeting.

    How to use the Egyptian Mail Tracking Service

    1) place the shipment number or code in the box at the top.

    2) Make sure the code is correct and write it correctly so that you can access the exact details of the tracking.

    3) Click tracking button.

    What if there's a mistake in the information generated in the search result?

    If there's any error in the outcome of the search for your shipment, please.

    1) make sure you type the correct shipment number.

    2) Make refresh for the page and try again.

    3) You can check the official website of the Egyptian Post

    It's our duty to note.

    The Egyptian Postal Tracking Service through The is an informal service and does not follow the Egyptian Postal Authority, but the tracking data is obtained through the official Egyptian Post website so it is our duty to note.